Welcome to Lisp-Stat: An environment for Statistical Computing

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A full stack statistical environment

Lisp-Stat provides a statistical computing engine suitable for all phases of the machine learning lifecycle. Ideal for AI DevOps, Lisp-Stat covers desktop exploration through to production API endpoints. Lisp-Stat provides a secure, safe and managable environment.

See Lisp-Stat in action

See practical examples of using Lisp-Stat for statistical computation

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Contributions welcome

We do Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome.

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For announcement of latest features, tips, hints and configuration

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Code for a simple plot

(ql:quickload :ips)      ; data examples
(ql:quickload :plot/vglt); Vega-Lite lib
(in-package :ips)        ; for imports
(defparameter online
    (dex:get ips::eg01-07 :want-stream t)))
(defparameter online-bar-chart
  (vglt:bar-chart online "SOURCE" "COUNT"))

Data frame from a URL

(defparameter *df*
       :want-stream t)))


A Jupyter-Lab Notebook

Juputer Lab Notebook